Healing Codependency: 30-Day Guide to Transforming Relationships

Healing Codependency: 30-Day Guide to Transforming Relationships

Get educated on codependency: You’ll learn how codependency develops, its impact on your relationships, and the role these unhealthy patterns have on your current life. We will focus on why guilt and shame will keep you in codependent cycles, and how you can take back your power when feeling anxious and overwhelmed.


Reflect daily + apply it your relationships: Education is not enough. This workbook provides 4 weeks of education and reflection exercises to help you start the healing process. You'll look deeply at your patterns of behaviors, the emotional climate of your life, and how you participate in the problem. Ouch! But the reflection is necessary for healing and you’ll be glad you did it!


Untangle yourself + live in freedom: You deserve a life of freedom from paralyzing anxiety, overwhelming exhaustion, and sickening guilt. After you’ve learned the history and reflected on your own patterns, you’ll get an entire unit on how to untangle yourself from codependent patterns and start living a life of freedom.


Download this 30-day guide to jumpstart your healing journey. 


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