We want you to lead a big and full life. Together, we will find our way towards healing. We each have a unique set of skills and specialities to support your journey.



Ruth Gatt, M.A.

I'm a registered psych assistant (PSB 94023883) and I work to help you stop those long-term patterns of dysfunction within your relationships. I address substance abuse issues and help find new patterns of coping. We will take a deep-dive into your relationships, work stresses, and self-care habits to better understand how we can help you thrive. 



Lauryn Lucido, M.S.

I’m a registered associate marriage and family therapist (AMFT 120481) and I work to help you process your pain so you can walk in peace. I work with couples, families and teens to help regulate emotions and create safety in relationships. We will work together to identify your emotions and find your voice so you can be on your journey towards healing.



Megan Johnson, PhD

I'm a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY 31167) and I love helping patients work through anxiety in high-stress professions.  Anxiety is miserable and I help folks live more freely by supporting and providing tools. We will focus on helping you take control of overwhelming situations so you can thrive. 


Quincee  Gideon, PsyD

I am a licensed clinical psychologist (PSY 29352) specializing in healing trauma and codependency.  I have worked internationally and use depth-oriented approaches to help you understand how you tick, how you can heal, and how to take control of your life again. I'm the president of the practice + have every confidence you are in good hands!

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